Our New Book – “All About Love: A Guide To Evolving Relationships”


Hot on the heels of our top selling book “Love Over 40: Find Real Lasting Love”  our second book “All About Love-A Guide To Evolving Relationships” lays out all the elements of love, including how to keep it growing as you grow together.

One of the reasons a relationship often breaks down is due to the decline in intimacy and lack of time spent together as a couple.

Whether that is due to overwork or stress, or a demanding lifestyle, love is often the first thing that disappears in your relationship when time is limited.

Think back to when you first met your husband or wife.

Time seemed to be in abundance as you got to know each other, and as you grew closer emotionally a bond was formed.

Now think about your marriage as it stands today: how much time do you have to spend with your husband or wife, in between meetings, dinners, household chores, family commitments…it does not add up to a lot of time.

Even If you prioritise your life effectively, time spent on love will come last usually as it is time consuming, and you perceive time you spend on activities as being precious.

It may be that you believe packing in as much work as you can will give you the level of income you dream about, and contribute to securing a good financial future.

What is the cost of securing love for the future of your marriage?

This is what “All About Love-A Guide To Evolving Relationships” will help you to discover, before love walks out of the door and you file for divorce.