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Ruby Binns-Cagney – CEO – Phoenix Relationship Coaching

Phoenix Relationship Coaching

Phoenix Relationship Coaching  Coaches consult with clients on issues including love, dating, marriage, divorce, parenting/step parenting,  and family issues.

We consult and present informative articles on:

  • how to find love,
  • where to find love
  • finding and keeping love
  • relationship bootcamp for learning how to get the kind of good quality love you are looking for
  • help with online dating profiles to maximise chances of finding love success


  • working out differences in relationships,
  • making a dating relationship transform into a committed relationship, leading to marriage
  • halting relationship breakdown
  • planning a timeline for relationship progress towards commitment at client’s request
  • keeping the relationship in a happy state of contentment
  • making relationships feel less like hard work


  • help avoiding divorce altogether at client’s request
  • improving communication in your relationship to rule out filing for divorce
  • how to cope with divorce: strategies to help you accept the facts about your marriage and why you are facing divorce
  • starting over after divorce: financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically managing the stress of a divorce
  • how to remain friends after divorce: boundaries to maintain between you and your ex-partner to keep things cordial and harmonious
  • dating after divorce: how long to wait after divorce before starting to date again, dating workshop-how to date, what to expect

We can be engaged in group work, couples work, single person work, parents work, step parents work, newly married work, newly divorced work, contemplating divorce, ten or twenty plus years marriage work,  six week pre-marriage preparation work, the list is not exhaustive. Please contact us for more details.
We have successfully rescued 48 couples from filing for an expensive divorce in 2008-2012, and continue to strive to provide value for money in these economic times.

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