When Your Ex Remarries




Right in the solar plexus.

I was scrolling through an Instagram feed when it popped up on my tablet.

There she was, in her wedding dress, looking vibrant and her smile made the pit of my stomach ache.

My ex-Wife had remarried, and her photos were all over Social Media.

It’s not even as though I went looking for her, curious about how she turned out after we signed the divorce papers, and left each other forever.

The way Social Media platforms work is to make connections between people; all it takes is one person in common between two people and the app or whatever you’re logged in to reminds you that you knew this person in another lifetime and here’s the latest news – she just remarried. Not the kind of news I was looking for this morning.

If anything, maybe it’s for the best that I saw it, as now not only closure but absolute rock solid confirmation that she’s moved on too. I’ve never been happier, more stable, complete even, than  I am today. I have such an amazing Wife who’s nurturing, protective, supportive, and makes me laugh at the slightest things she says, or does; or sometimes its just waking up next to her and watching her sleep.

They say hindsight is 20/20 – I believe that to be true.

If I hadn’t worked through the process of my first marriage ending I’d not be the man I am today. Grounded in a reality that is solid, and reliable.

I truly believe we grow through our experiences, and this one has taught me to keep paying it forward, and I’m more than happy to serve those who come to us for guidance in their time of despair.

Take heart; things do get better, but remember to be kind and patient – with yourself.