Give Your Marriage an MOT

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Couples in their 40s are most at risk for marriage breakdowns – due in part to leading fractured lives. Full lives with career, family responsibilities and stress taking the lion’s share of the couples’ energy; leaving little or no time to focus on each other.

In just six years, between 2002 and 2008, the Office for National Statistics estimated that the number of divorced women over 45 jumped by a third.

How to create a balance

Be prepared to invest in keeping your life in check. Much the same as we look after our health, we should all consider looking after our emotional life through therapy, couples counselling, marriage guidance therapy.

Proactive rather than reactive, therapy can nip in the bud those issues which, if left untreated, can escalate into massive irrevocable acts of separation.

Before we reach crisis point there is a path to centred living where every thing we have on our to do list is put to one side so we can focus on our partners; even if it is just one hour checking in with each with each other by phone, text or email, or over a cup of coffee. See what works best for you, experiment with more date nights, and keep doing things together to keep the closeness.

Make your marriage a priority, for lasting happiness.

About Robin Wright-Thurnley

Robin is Associate Head Coach, where he enables clients to achieve optimum happiness, love and improved self-esteem. He is married to the Indie Author Ruby Binns-Cagney.