How Deep Is Your Love?

mars-venus-in-love-book-coverBook review:  Mars and Venus In Love – Dr John Gray

John Gray’s inspiring advice has brought thousands of couples closer than they ever thought possible. Mars and Venus in Love includes the candid personal stories from these couples in their own words. John’s insightful comments on them are the communication secrets that strengthen relationships, save marriages, and make love last.

Mars and Venus In Love is a beatiful collection of stories about couples that have been touched by John Gray and his work.

Throughout Mars and Venus In Love, John Gray asks couples 4 simple questions:

1. What special things do you do for each other?

2. How do you best communicate with each other?

3. What Mars Venus skills do you use most in your relationship?

4. How does your love feel different now?

The commentary is flavorful and revealing. You will definitley see a part of yourself and your relationship in these funny stories.

Harper Collins: 256 pages


About Robin Wright-Thurnley

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.