Separate Beds, Separate Lives?

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I suffer from insomnia, regularly. My wife often sleeps in a separate room as a result, because I disturb her sleep patterns when I’m awake all night.

Some people believe that separate sleeping arrangements can significantly detract from how you feel about your partner, and eventually cause a permanent rift between you, which you may struggle to overcome.

This is not the case for us.

If anything, after a sleepless night in a huge bed by myself, the next morning my Wife will come and find me, and spend time talking and checking in with me to make sure I’m okay. This makes me feel emotionally closer to her, and deepens my bond with her, and hers with me.

There is no explanation for my insomnia. It’s not medical, psychological, or rooted in an emotional problem.

Its not down to too much coffee, or any other stimulants.

I just wake up suddenly after about an hour of deep sleep and fail to get back to sleep again.

None of the so called remedies for insomnia have proven effective for me, and our lives run smoothly the way we have created them.

Our arrangement seems to work well for us, but if you find your partner opting to sleep in a separate bedroom on a permanent basis, don’t feel threatened. Often a night alone in bed can serve as time to connect with your own thoughts and feelings, independent of another.

Being able to tune out the inner critic we all have, sleeping alone can be a wonderful experience.

Embrace the opportunity, whether you suffer from insomnia or your partner’s snoring drives you crazy, choose you, and step into the amazing clarity of mind that follows a restful night’s sleep.

About Robin Wright-Thurnley

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.