How To Rev Up Your Passion Quotient


How do you expect your passion level to increase if you don’t ask for things to change?
Many of my clients complain about their lack of sex life.

These are clients with stressful high-pressure careers, and small children, and two parents trying to juggle their priorities. I work out a priority plan with them, and give them about two weeks to try it out.

Invariably, the client does not achieve the task set for them, and we start over.

If you consider that we are living longer, and have fuller lives, with less time for ourselves as individuals, you will soon realise that the time you set aside to be with your husband or wife is incredibly precious.

Why wouldn’t you ask for what you want in  your romantic life?

Once you have opened up the topic for discussion, you may well find that he or she was thinking along the same lines.

Spice things up in your intimate life, and fireworks will spark to life. How do you increase the passion quotient in the bedroom (or kitchen, or home office)?

1. Ask for what you would like. Are you a shy person? Write a note to your husband or wife, detailing how you would like to be touched, and where you’d liked to feel the wetness of a tongue, or more, and leave the note in a prominent place for your lover to find.

If he or she likes surprises, you could show him or her where to touch you, and how softly to do so.

2. Be patient. If you have requested a change, it may be some time before the opportunity to change presents itself. If you can control the scheduling even better. Wipe the diary clear and pencil in some couple-time.

It doesn’t have to be ‘date night’ to pull out the stops and wow your honey in the bedroom. A little effort on your part produces tremendous results.

3. Reciprocate. Take it in turns to fantasise about changing things up a little. If you always start foreplay the same way, change it up with ice or heat, or lotion instead of your usual series of touches.

When it is your turn to receive, be open to change, and support your honey’s ideas, and see what happens.

4. Repeat steps one through three, and enjoy yourself, enjoy intimacy with your husband or wife, and most of all, keep asking for what you want, and soon your passion will sparkle on its own without any extra effort needed.

About Robin Wright-Thurnley

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.

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