6 Ways To Have More Energy Now

card-social-buttons-logoWe live in a fast paced world.

There are more demands on our time than ever before, and it is

only getting worse. How can you redress the balance?

Let’s look at improving our ability to prioritise, which will in turn

free up our time, and give us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and

listen to our inner desires.

Prioritise 101

  • Check your schedule the night before you go to work.
  • Plan to tackle the most time intensive tasks on your arrival at work.
  • Review your plan on the bus/train ride to work. Make any adjustments as necessary.
  • On arrival at work, get on with your most intense tasks immediately. This means taking a timeout from all Social Media, even if it’s just a quick status update to tell the Wife you love her. She’ll still get your update if you send it after you’ve finished your biggest tasks.
  • Have a mid-morning snack. Big favourites of mine include pean butter on thick bread with a small cup of coffee, and a small banana.
  • Get back to your to do list and tackle the next item, leading up to lunch time.

If you’re a morning person, your most difficult tasks are best completed on your arrival, but if your energy only shows up in the afternoon, swap your tasks around so you can start with the small quick items, and gradually move on to the bigger tasks as your business day moves towards its end.

Learning to effectively prioritise your to do list in synch with your energy levels gives you more time and ultimately, more energy, to spend doing the things you really want to do, with the people you really want to do them with.


About Robin Wright-Thurnley

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.

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