When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman


If you ever have the completely amazing experience of being in love with a beautiful woman I applaud you. The emotions involved can be so overwhelming for men, because it feels as though the object of your affection is equally desired by every other man in the world, and your position in her life is precarious, at best.

From working with our clients, we often hear how uncontrollable jealousy has driven loved ones away, and we work diligently with our clients to provide effective solutions to eradicate it.

One of the many challenges a man who is in love with a beautiful woman can grapple with is jealousy. The ‘green eyed monster’ can override a man’s sensibilities and morph us into the very thing we dread – the very mechanism which repels the woman we love.

If there’s a beautiful woman in your life and you want to do all you can to keep her there, here are a few tips on how to do so.

Realise you’ve completely forgotten about your Ex and lose yourself in the new Her.

Don’t repeatedly re-live everything your Ex liked and did and said, it’ll drive you mad, and alienate your new partner.

Stop listening to your Exes favourite tunes on Spotify and learn to love the new Her’s playlists.

Call her far too often for no reason at all when you should be working. Just because you can’t wait to get home to be with her, and to hear all about her day.

Pick up red roses or lingerie for her, with no hidden agenda or expectations of having sex. Sometimes she’ll show her gratitude in delicious ways which prove to be so much better than you could have ever imagined.

Care about why she cries at the end of a romantic movie. Be there with Kleenex and hug her.

Compliment her without being prompted to do so. Whether it’s her incredibly delicious food or her new shoes, do it, and often. Tell her how much of a Superwoman she really is, and she’ll thank you for it.

When she chooses to be with you, realise how lucky you are, and do your damnedest not to blow it. Show her you value her, and be sincere about it.

She makes you feel more attractive, and her unwavering belief in you makes your heart soar with happiness. Return the compliment and demonstrate your belief in her and her abilities.

Everything you do with her feels new, even if it may not be. Keep on having adventures together and making it feel like new for you both.

Let her pick which restaurant bar or theatre you go to some of the time. Relinquish trying to control everything and she’ll respect you even more. Be open to new experiences she can share with you.

Remember the small anniversaries because she will too. Celebrate them, however how small, and enjoy her delight.

Accept that she even though she still loves the drummer in that eighties pop band, you’re the one she’s with. Even if he hasn’t lost his good looks.

About Robin Wright-Thurnley

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.

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