The Pleasure Principle

pleasure-logoWhat do we mean by the word ‘pleasure’ ?

Pleasure can take any form you wish. Most popular may be the sensual gratification or art of sex, or making love if you prefer to be romantic.

Pleasure can be derived from any action or activity under the right conditions.

What we refer to here involves pleasure outside of the physical.

Pleasure is defined as ‘a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.’ Notice the lack of any mention of sex there? Exactly.

My latest pleasurable act is daily walks with my Wife.

I drive an Aston Martin car, and never used to walk further than to and from the car. Until I met my Wife.

Walking was something we started to enjoy when we were in the Park one day, and took in the natural beauty around us.

There were some days when we were tired and feeling jaded, but the walk in the Park was invigorating. Afterwards, we felt so overjoyed and full of emotion. Walking became a beloved part of our day.

We work from home mostly, when given the chance, and relish our time together, albeit in separate offices.

Deriving pleasure any way we can, we take photographs of the greenery, lakes, and flowers when we are on our walks.

Sometimes a visual representation of the sunlight fading behind the ash trees in the Park can spark a memory for us of how wonderful we felt that day, despite the cold weather.

Another form of pleasure we enjoy is writing poetry for each other.  I often wake up to find poems on the refrigerator door, or in the Aston’s glove box.

It never fails to give me a rush of pleasure to feel the love my Wife has for me.

I leave her love notes, and promises in places I know she will find them, and they are gratefully received and appreciated.

One other wonderful act of pleasure for us involves good wine and dining at fine restaurants so we can explore the many facets of pleasure food brings to us.

We go to places neither of us has ever been before and sample the delights, ready and eager for the next time we explore a new place.

There’s no excuse for a lack of pleasure in your life. It can come from anywhere, or from anything; without the pressure of being related to sex.

When was the last time you did something pleasurable?

Think back to your childhood and fond memories of playing games for hours on end without being bored.

Recall the times you felt bored stuck indoors when it was raining outside.

Perhaps you rode a bicycle as a child, and can reconnect to the feeling it gave you – the sensation of the wind in your hair and the feeling that you were flying along.

Life is fleetingly short – increase your indulgence of the pleasure principle and live an enjoyable life.

About Robin Wright-Thurnley:

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.