Talk To Me, Like Lovers Do


I’m your average dude. A guy. A man. My chest is hairy and I currently have two day-old stubble on my face.

I go into the fray, hair flowing in the breeze, sword aimed towards the sky to tackle the barbs and arrows life throws at me while I ride my steed. Everything a Knight in shining armour should be.

Imagine, then, how surprised I was to find myself choosing to listen to love songs on the radio.

Weepy, sad, romantic, emotion-filled ballads about heartbreak, sadness, despair, and no hope of ever finding love again.

I could not believe I had chosen this particular radio station to listen to while I wrote reports for my new job.

One particular song came on which made me sit up and pay more attention.

It was raining outside and my home office looks out onto a vast garden. The past few days have been windy and rainy, so this was no exception.

I listened to the song while the rain played against the window panes opposite me.

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you

So baby talk to me
Like lovers do
Walk with me
Like lovers do
Talk to me
Like lovers do

(C) Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, David Allan

The meaning behind the sombre melody and melancholy lyrics portrays such painful, unrequited love, and the raw emotion connected to spiralling downwards into depression as a result of her love not being returned.

I looked up the year of release for the song. 1984. I tried to recall how I was feeling emotionally in 1984. It was a painful period for me. The song brought tears to my eyes as I recalled the events of that time.

Me. A grown man, feeling tears run down my face. Nothing manly about that, you say? On the contrary.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m open to giving and receiving love. I give my love in the security that it is returned to me intensely and is magnified.

The song ends and I am at once transported back to reality. I run to my partner, who is sitting in the kitchen surfing the internet, and embrace her. I am immediately comforted by her warm body and the smell of her freshly washed hair. There are no words spoken between us.

She understands me completely.

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