Give Up, Give In, Give All You’ve Got



Some men are neanderthals. There. I said it.

Some of us are down right clueless when it comes to women and what they need, want and deserve from men.

Dating seems to be mired in miscommunication, and reliance on our male buddies to decipher her code only serves to add to the confusion.

We need to establish clear communication with our better halves if we are to stand tall through the challenges life will throw at our relationships.

No matter how long you have been dating, every day can present a new challenge.

Just when you think you’ve figured her out, up comes a new conundrum, and you are left scratching your head. How can you remedy this?

As the Author Mark Twain famously said:

”If you’re not lying you won’t have to remember anything”

Translation: be honest, even if it hurts you to do so. If you love her wholeheartedly, and put your honesty upfront you stand a fair chance of having your love returned.

My advice to the men out there who are dating and feel they have to be competitive with their friends, and have to lie and cajole and connive their way into a woman’s life before walking away onto the next conquest.

Women are on to your bullshit.

It’s time to own up to your crap and put it to one side.

Women have evolved beyond your inane behaviour. Many will not want to become involved with you, no matter your six-figure salary and house in the country.

Women today hold down a career, run businesses from the kitchen table, raise the children and balance the cheque books.

If you want a real, tangible, loving, lasting, effective relationship you have to possess these qualities yourself.

Take it from me, I had my heart stomped on in a horrific way and never thought I’d ever love again, nor find the true happiness I sought for so long.

I listened to my buddies’ advice about women and cast all women as commodities; there for use and for discarding afterwards.

I was wrong.

When I took the courage to put honesty first, and be real, and present, and open to love I found it.

I found her.

I grasp firmly onto that love – every day.

The solid, dependable, reliable, love which makes my heart soar with happiness, and leaves me satisfied, yet craving more of her nurturing love.

I wish you the same.

Give it all you’ve got.

About Robin Wright-Thurnley:

Robin is an Associate Coach at Phoenix Relationship Coaching where he guides men towards achieving their dreams of lasting love.